Protect Memory Card

Protect Memory Card

Memory cards are small, portable and can be used as expandable memory storage for devices like phones, camera, iPods etc. These features make them the perfect mediator to transport data between different devices. Although due to their portability, you might lose the memory card. This increases the risk of files getting in wrong hands as you might have saved your personal or confidential files on it. The files include pictures, videos, documents, etc. as a result of this you need to encrypt memory card data by using an advanced tool.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply password protect memory card or the files saved on it, like you do to your social media account or e-mail account. You will require a tool to protect memory card or to secure memory card data. Remo MORE is the best memory card protector software in this context. Tools like Remo MORE seriously protect memory card in order to safeguard your data using various levels of encryption. If you don’t want to invest in a secure memory card with inbuilt hardware encryption, then Remo MORE is the best memory card protector software for you to protect memory card data. This tool is absolutely free of cost and still does not compromise with the safety of your data at all. This article summarizes the easiest way to password protect memory card data using Remo MORE tool.

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Remo MORE software can secure memory card data and efficiently perform the following tasks –

Password protect Micro SD card

Micro SD cards are the type of memory cards that are mostly used in cell phones and digital camera. Users store a lot of personal pictures and videos on it that they might not want to share with other people. The best way to do so is by putting a password on your memory card. Remo MORE tool will definitely help you to protect memory card data.

How to lock Android phone memory card?

Android phones contain a lot of private data that is confidential and its safety cannot be compromised. Therefore, to know how to protect memory card of your Android phone, make use of Remo MORE tool. It uses highly advanced technology to protect memory card data that you don’t want anyone else to access.

Password protect Sony memory stick

Sony memory stick is a widely used brand of memory sticks. They are perfectly compatible with all the phone brands and digital camera brands; therefore most probably they are the carrier of some of the most important data. To avoid misuse of your private data, protect Sony memory stick with Remo MORE software. It is the best memory card protector software.

Hide files in memory card

Locking files in a memory card force other people to suspect that you have some confidential data that you don’t want to reveal. If you don’t want to do so, then Remo MORE provides a powerful and unique feature that will help you to protect memory card or to completely hide private data by memory card protection. The person seeing the memory card will not even know that you have hidden some files.

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